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How to get the Cheapest Car Insurance in South Africa

Getting the cheapest car insurance in South Africa requires getting quotes from the different car insurance companies and then comparing them to see which offers both the best cover and the best premium. For no cost at all, we will get you car insurance quotes from South […]

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Where to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Everyone should be taking advantage of the ability to compare car insurance quotes from all of the major car insurers to make sure that they are not overpaying on their insurance. This might sound like an exercise that needs hours or days to achieve, but with our […]

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Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers under 25

Young drivers under 25 are for the most part considered to be a far high risk to car insurance companies than any others due to their lack of experience as a driver and their premiums are loaded accordingly if the Car is registered in their name or […]

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Best Total Loss Car Insurance Cover

The cost of comprehensive car insurance is sometimes hard to justify, particularly for cars that are over 5 years old. The number of serious accidents and car thefts in South Africa that are deemed a total loss is extremely high and the last thing you need is […]

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Extended Car Warranty – Don’t let your car warranty expire

If your car is more than 5 years old and either about to go out of the warranty period or is out of the warranty period, you are able to extend your car warranty period for a number of years by using extended car warranty insurance. The […]

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Where can I get Car Insurance Online?

“I have been offered car insurance by the company I have bought a new car from but it sounds like it is really expensive. Do I have to take out the car Insurance from the car dealer or can I arrange my own car insurance?” If you […]

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Best Car Insurance for your pocket

Getting the best Car Insurance that suits your pocket can be an incredibly time consuming exercise with each phone call you make to a South African Insurance Company taking 10 to 15 minutes, repeating the process over and again and then once you have got all the […]

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Looking for the Best Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The best comprehensive car insurance means different things to different people but generally fall into one of the following 2 categories. In most cases the best car insurance means the cheapest premium with the lowest possible excess. We must remember that with a car insurance policy there […]

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When to get Car Insurance Quotes

I was looking for a new car and in the process my friends had a lot of advice but the thing that struck me most was that they had all had their car Insurance with the same company since they had bought their cars. In one case […]

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Car Insurance for Professionals

Professional people will, in general qualify for cheaper car Insurance which is based on the likelihood that they are more responsible drivers than non-professionals but this is not to say that you automatically qualify for cheaper insurance just because you have a degree. Gender bias on car insurance is […]

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Best Student Car Insurance in South Africa

The vast majority of students drive cars that are valued at under R100 000.00 and getting the best car insurance for student drivers or drivers under 25 years old can be quite an exercise if you are doing all the calling yourself. There are a number of […]

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Voluntary Car Insurance Excess, what is it and how does it effect my Insurance Premiums?

Every short term Insurance Policy includes an excess amount which is the amount the Insurance company does not cover and is the  portion of any claim that needs to be paid by you. The reason that there is always an excess is to discourage you from making […]

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