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    what is an extended warranty?

    An extended warranty is an insurance policy which says that the manufacturer will cover the vehicle against defects or malfunctions and is the manufacturers “word” that the car your bought will work as they described.

    this is not a service plan!

    An extended warranty is not a service plan. You are responsible for the regular servicing of the vehicle whether it is paid for by yourself or is part of the service plan you purchased with the car.

    Which cars qualify for Extended Warranty Insurance

    In the past 5-7 years manufacturer warranties have extended to as much as 5 years or 200 000 km but in the past the manufacturers only gave a 3 year warranty.  Check in your service book or simply fill in the form and we will get you sorted out with the correct information.

    If your car is more than 5 years old and either about to go out of the warranty period or is out of the warranty period, you are able to extend your car warranty period for a number of years by using extended car warranty insurance.

    The very last thing you need is to have a mechanical breakdown that could leave your car out of commission for weeks or months because the cost of repairs is out of reach or extremely high that it puts stress on your budget. In general a mechanical breakdown is a costly affair that requires the replacement or repair of expensive car parts.

    An extended warranty policy will effectively increase the number of years that your car will remain covered for any mechanical issues. It is very inexpensive insurance that could mean the difference between eating or not!

    A basic extended warranty would effectively take care of the follwing items relating to your vehicle:

    1. Towing costs (it is important only to use approved towing companies)
    2. Labour costs (both mechanic and electrical)
    3. Parts

    There are options to increase the cover to include annual services and even roadside assistance, much like the manufacturers roadside assist offering.

    Does my car qualify for an Extended car warranty?

    In most cases, as long as your car is less than 10 years old or has less than 200 000km on the clock it can be covered by an extended car warranty policy for the rest of it’s useful life.

    This is a very important factor that needs to be taken into account and the cover applied for before your vehicle reachse either milestone. Once you have passed these milestones, your car is very unlikely to qualify for an extended warranty.

    Check to see if your car qualifies and what it will cost for an extended car warranty, it’s completely free of charge!

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    Car and home insurance is essntial in South Africa. Whether you take 3rd party, fire and theft or comprehensive insurance, you must cover yourself for the worst.

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    Life insurance is intended to provide for your family in the event of your untimely death or disability that prevents you from working and earning a living and should be part of everyones life.


    Extended Warranty

    A major breakdown or defective part could really cost you a lot of money and limit your ability to work and earn a living. Extended warranty insurance insures you stay on the road.

    Trusted Brands

    Extended Warranty

    As soon as your car falls out of it’s warranty period, you stand the risk of being lumbered with expensive repairs to to your car should something go wrong.

    • Warranties are usually 3-5 years
    • Cover manufacturer defects
    • Cover major items

    an extended car warranty could save you an untold fortune in vehicle repairs but what we all forget to factor in is the cost of not having the car available to get to work.