Best Car Insurances Price in South Africa

Get the best price on your car insurance is as easy as completing a single online form. We send you inline car insurance quote request to South Africa’s leading car insurance companies who will then provide a quote for you to consider.

There is little more satisfying than getting the same product at a big discount and car insurance is like every other product on the market, it is negotiable. The Insurance companies are vying for your business and are prepared to cut premiums to gain you as a new customer. This fact is borne out by the incredible number of oampanies claiming to offer the cheapest insurance. Complete the quote request form and we will send it out to all of the short term insurance companies who will then call you offering you their best deal.

By using the online car insurance quote system you are assured of getting the cheapest car insurance quotes and ultimately saving yourself a lot of money. Online insurance quotes where comparing the insurance is enabled has seen an average car insurance saving of 32% across a range of cars and 100 000 customers.

Some car insurance customers have saved as much as 60% on their premiums and although this is rare, most people save in excess of 30%.

Getting 9 car insurance quotes to compare through our online quote system does not costs you anything but offers either piece of mind that you are paying a competitive rate or that you are able to save money on your car insurance. Don’t wait a minute longer, get your FREE comparative car insurance quotes within minutes from the top car insurers in South Africa.

Fleet insurance

By using the online car insurance quote system, fleet owners can easily check that the cost of their vehicle insurance is in the right range and offer them the ability to either negotiate their insurance rates with their current insurance company based on the quotes received or switch insurance companies and enjoy the benefits of lowered fleet car insurance.

Negotiate, don’t accept blindly

South Africans often blindly accept insurance quotes from companies thinking that there is no room to negotiate and sometimes feel uncomfortable negotiating their insurance rates with the insurance companies. By using online insurance quotes, each company knows that their rates need to be very competitive in order to beat the competing car insurance companies. Is that not a fantastic place to be, the insurance companies want your business and they are fighting over it.