where can i get car insurance online“I have been offered car insurance by the company I have bought a new car from but it sounds like it is really expensive. Do I have to take out the car Insurance from the car dealer or can I arrange my own car insurance?”

If you have financed your car it is a requirement from the finance house that your car is insured before it leaves the dealer floor. However this does not mean that you have to accept the car insurance that they offer you and should get comparative insurance quotes before you sign anything.

It takes about 10 minutes to get a comparative quote and you could have your car on cover while you wait for the dealer to finish the paperwork which will allow you to leave the dealer floor. It would be temporary cover which lasts for up to 7 days which would require an assesment from a certified auto glass dealer to confirm that the car is not damaged and that what is described is actually in the car, eg: the type of sound system, anti theft devices etc.

“I am considering buying a car from a private person and will be paying cash for the car, where can I get the third party fire and theft insurance for the car online, I don’t want risk driving the car without third party insurance”

Getting third party fire and theft insurance online or on a mobile device is as simple as completing the car insurance quote request form, you can get the car covered for third party fire and theft in minutes.

“I am buying a car for my son who has only had his license for a few months and the insurance is very expensive. Can I put the insurance in my name and let him drive the car?”

You certainly can put the car in your name and cover it in your name but you really must get competitive car insurance quotes in this instance. Some car insurance companies insist that you specify the primary driver which is why you are experiencing such elevated premiums. However some insurance companies allow you to insure the car in your name and have an additional excess should anyone under 25 years old be driving the car.

The lowest we have seen is an excess of R2500 / 5% with an additional R500 if the driver is under 25 years old.