cheapest car insuranceGetting the cheapest car insurance in South Africa requires getting quotes from the different car insurance companies and then comparing them to see which offers both the best cover and the best premium.

For no cost at all, we will get you car insurance quotes from South Africa’s insurance companies, present them to you and allow you to choose which you feel offers the best deal. If you don’t like any of the quotes we present we will do everything in our power to get you the cheapest car insurance in South Africa that offers the type of cover you are looking for.

The types of insurance that we are able to get you quotes on are the following:

Comprehensive car insurance

Total loss car insurance

Extended car warranty insurance

Customized car insurance quotes

Car insurance for women drivers

Car insurance for under 25 drivers

In each case we will be able to offer you the cheapest car insurance that is on offer and the ability to cutomize the cover to suit you, for example, if you decide that windscreen damage is not an essential item to cover, we can exclude it to bring down the premium or if you wish to increase the voluntary excess to make it more affordable we can do this as well.

In essence, getting the cheapest car insurance in South Africa is dependent on the skill of the representative, who has the knowledge and experience work the car insurance calculators and to negotiate with the insurance companies. Our representatives are very well trained and will call you back within minutes of submitting the quote request form.