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Car Insurance for Women

Are Women’s car insurance premiums really that much cheaper? Hell yes, it has been shown over and over that women are far more careful than men in almost all aspects of being on the road, excluding of course those of you who insist on applying mascara or […]

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Extended Car Warranty – Don’t let your car warranty expire

If your car is more than 5 years old and either about to go out of the warranty period or is out of the warranty period, you are able to extend your car warranty period for a number of years by using extended car warranty insurance. The […]

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Looking for the Best Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The best comprehensive car insurance means different things to different people but generally fall into one of the following 2 categories. In most cases the best car insurance means the cheapest premium with the lowest possible excess. We must remember that with a car insurance policy there […]

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Roadside Assistance Comparison

Roadside assistance is such an important part of your car insurance or as an offering from your Vehicle manufacturer that offers you assistance in times of need and it is advised that you check what roadside assistance you have and then compare with what you can get […]

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Cheap Car Insurance for Women under 25

Women under 25 will qualify for cheaper car insurance than men under 25 and in order to get cheap car insurance for women under 25 you need to select an insurer that caters for women. The reason for this is that statistically women under are less likely […]

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