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Offset the cost of eTolls by saving on your Car Insurance

eToll costs are looming on the horizon for all of us in Gauteng since the Constitutional court yesterday set aside the Interdict imposed by the North Gauteng High Court earlier this year. While the fight is still not over to halt etolling, the reality is that at some […]

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Car Insurance with no excess to pay

South Africa’s insurance companies have been innovative with their new products and Car Insurance with no excess is available from Car Insurers. Average excesses range from R3500 to R4500 and in the event that you have chosen a voluntary additional excess, this figure could be even higher. […]

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Car Insurance Companies that Negotiate Premiums

The car Insurance Companies that are actively seeking you as a customer are the companies that will negotiate your premium. You cannot switch on the television, radio or drive down any major road without seeing adverts from Insurance companies offering you cheaper car insurance, life insurance or […]

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Where to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Everyone should be taking advantage of the ability to compare car insurance quotes from all of the major car insurers to make sure that they are not overpaying on their insurance. This might sound like an exercise that needs hours or days to achieve, but with our […]

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Cheap Car Insurance

There is a common misconception in the market these days that cheap car insurance offers less cover. This stems from the numerous different car insurance available but does not mean that you will be sacrificing cover by opting to get cheap car insurance quotes. The fact of […]

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Best car Insurance Company in South Africa

We often get asked what the best Car Insurance company in South Africa is and there quite frankly is no hard and fast rule. Each Insurance company offers premiums based on criteria that are unique and where one insurance company may offer the lowest rates to people […]

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Looking for the Best Comprehensive Car Insurance?

The best comprehensive car insurance means different things to different people but generally fall into one of the following 2 categories. In most cases the best car insurance means the cheapest premium with the lowest possible excess. We must remember that with a car insurance policy there […]

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When to get Car Insurance Quotes

I was looking for a new car and in the process my friends had a lot of advice but the thing that struck me most was that they had all had their car Insurance with the same company since they had bought their cars. In one case […]

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Adding Roadside Assist to your Car Insurance Policy

The last thing you want when you breakdown in the middle of the night or are involved in an accident is to discover that your car insurance policy does not include Roadside assistance in the cover. Roadside assistcar comes in two forms and in some cases is […]

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Car Insurers are prepared to negotiate premiums

There are many options available to you as a vehicle owner to insure your car with car insurance rates to suit everyone’s pocket. Most people do not realise that depending on your personal circumstances, where your car parks and what you use it for can make a […]

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Car Insurers competing furiously

South Africa’s Car Insurers are competing incredibly furiously to secure market share and there has never been a better time to reduce your car insurance premiums. You have seen the ads and heard the radio campaigns of all of the car Insurers promising the lowest premiums but […]

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Youinsure Cheapest Insurance Quotes

Youinsure is a first class Insurance outfit that is focussed on getting you the cheapest short term insurance quotes whether it be for you car, home or business. By using carinsurers.co.za quote request form, you are immediately connected with Youinsure who will spring into action in seconds. […]

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