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    Tedious car insurance quote processes and waiting for answers from brokers who are contacting insurance companies is a thing of the past. Here you can enter your information once and we will provide you with the best quotes for your car insurance or extended warranty.


    As soon as we receive your information, our consultants get to work by comparing the offers of multiple insurance companies all at once. These comparative prices are then relayed to you with all terms and conditions for you to consider

    Best Car Insurance in South Africa

    At car insurers we offer you the ability to receive multiple car insurance quotes by submitting one for a cheap car insurance quote which is sent to the major car insurers simultaneously. You will receive 9 competitive car insurance quotes from different car insurers, be it a private car or a company car for you to choose from, it’s as simple as that. No need to contact or telephone all of the car insurers directly, the details of your car insurance requirements are sent directly to the car insurers.

    There are no brokers involved and you will be dealing directly with the car insurance company that you select online. car insurance It is simple to get started, simply complete the form tour right and you will have the Car insurers in South Africa scrambling for your business. There has never been a better time to pit the car insurers up against one another, they are all offering fantastic deals and are prepared to cut prices in order to get you as a new customer. Get started right away. The options offered by each of the car insurers are clearly laid out allowing you to easily compare the different car insurance quotes and make an informed decision.

    Our car insurance customers have seen saving in excess of 40% on the current car insurance with an average saving of 32% on all car insurance policies offered to our customers. Never has it been easier to secure the cheapest car insurance quotes thanks to online insurance quotes offered by car insurers. The task of getting in touch with all of the different Insurers can be a very time consumeing exercise, but in our hands you need only submit your details once and we do the rest. It is also important to evaluate your policy every year to make sure that any premium adjustments that are made are not simply a standard increase. It is always a good idea to get alternative quotes to keep your insurance provider in their toes.

    By using car insurers to secure the cheapest car insurance available is a simple yet effective concept. The car insurance companies are all competing for your business and by submitting your request for an online insurance quote through car insurers, all of the insurance companies are aware that they are competing with each other for your business, thus ensuring that the car insurance quotes you receive are the very best that each car insurer has to offer. Company car insurance is really no different to any other car insurance unles you use your company car to travel outside South Africa, in which case special company car insurance is required but can still be obtained from car insurers in the same manner. Insure company car. Each policy offer will have different specific details relating to any car insurance claims, some of which may include the excess value in the event of an accident, the type of anti theft device installed, third party insurance and of course gender or age considerations.

    Read the terms and conditions supplied from each car insurer and then select the car insurer that offers the terms that best suit you. Not every car insurance company uses the same metrics to determine the car insurance quote value, which means that by you receiving the lowest quote from one car insurer will not necessarily mean that everyone will receive the lowest insurance quote from that car insurer. Age, gender, previous history, length of time you have had your drivers license, car value and characteristics all play an important part in the car insurers determination of your car insurance quote from each individual car insurer.

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    Extended Warranty

    As soon as your car falls out of it’s warranty period, you stand the risk of being lumbered with expensive repairs to to your car should something go wrong.

    • Warranties are usually 3-5 years
    • Cover manufacturer defects
    • Cover major items

    being in a car accident where you are not insured will change your life in so many ways that is is inconceivable that anyone drives uninsured. claims by insurance companies against you and the aggrieved party can run into millions. don’t take the chance. insuring your car costs less than you think.