YES, You Can save On Company Car Insurance

When applying for car insurance on your company car, consider both the amount of travelling you will be doing as well as any travel using your company car that may be out of South Africa.

Most car insurance policies assume that you travel within South Africa and when you leave the country for any reason it is necessary to inform your car insurer of the dates you will need car insurance cover while outside South Africa. Failure to inform your car insurer of your intentions to leave the country will result in your claims being denied. There is an additional car insurance premium required in order for your car insurer to cover your car and the occupants or any third party.

Company cars by their very nature imply that they are driven a lot and hence are at a higher risk of being damaged or stole and it is important, particularly if you are not in a sales position, to make it very clear to the ainsurance advisor that your car is not driven a lot and spends it’s time in a secure parking area during the day. This is a vital piece of information when getting competitive company car insurance quotes. Get started now and you could be saving as much as 32% on your company car insurance.

As a business traveller who frequently uses your company car outside South Africa, your car insurer will need to be made aware of this fact as it will have an effect on both your car insurance premium and the cover offered.

In order to get the best company car insurance rates, use our online car insurance quoting system and reveive comparative company car insurance quotes for you to choose from.

Company car insurance is often paid for by the company you work for and by presenting your boss with a selection of competitive car insurance quotes will not only impress him with your willingness to save the company money, but is very likely to show him and many other user of company cars the savings that can be achieved by using a comparative car insurance quote system.

Company cars are often less well looked after than personally owned cars so additional policies like scratch repair options can easily be added to to your company car insurance at very little extra. This is always a good idea when choosing your company car insurance as the cars you drive represent the company you work for.