Young drivers under 25 are for the most part considered to be a far high risk to car insurance companies than any others due to their lack of experience as a driver and their premiums are loaded accordingly if the Car is registered in their name or they are stipulated on the policy as the primary driver.

best car insurance for young driversThe best way to go about getting the best car insurance for a young driver is to firstly consider the car that they drive very carefully. If the car is valued at over R100 000 the chances are that you will not want to take the risk of self insuring for bumper bashings and would want to opt for a comprehensive car Insurance policy. These are traditionally very expensive for young drivers but the way to reduce the premiums is to opt for a voluntary excess that is higher than the standard R3 000 to R 5 000 and the best way to ensure that you get the best and cheapest comprehensive car insurance for a young driver is to aggressively put the insurance companies up against one another for your business. 

One strategy is to ask the car insurance agent who is getting the quotes for you to offer them the opportunity to quote on all of your families car insurance including the young driver. This has proved to be a very strong motivation for Insurance companies and more often than not shows significant savings on all of the vehicles insurance.

The next strategy is to ask the insurance consultant to include a certain amount of home contents insurance on a policy. The lowest amount that can be taken out is in the region of R75 000 but the cost of the cover is in the region of R36.oo and often allows them to structure the whole policy with a saving far in excess of the R36.00 that you are paying in household insurance.

If the car is valued at less than R100 000 or in the R40 000 to R50 000 region particularly, you may wish to opt for a total loss car insurance policy and self insure any minor bumper bashings. These policies are far cheaper and with a stern warning to a young driver to drive carefully, will save you many thousands of Rands until they reach the age of 25.

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