car insurance with no excessSouth Africa’s insurance companies have been innovative with their new products and Car Insurance with no excess is available from Car Insurers. Average excesses range from R3500 to R6000, and in the event that you have chosen a voluntary additional excess, this figure could be even higher. For most the excess is the last thing we need when we have suffered a total loss, been in an accident or God forbid been hijacked.

It is common knowledge that your premiums will be higher if you choose a no excess option on youir car insurance, however, this can be a very good way to lock in your costs. In the same way that some people [refer a fixed interest rate bond in order to know exactly what their costs are every month. You could lose a bit or you could score a bit on the interest, but you will have absolute certaintly on your payment amount.


No excess insurance and fixed rate bonds are similar

No excess is a huge incentive to move your insurance and South Africa’s Insurance companies are willing to negotiate great rates to have your business.  Most of the Insurers today have fantastic car insurance with excess offerings and I can hear you asking, “OK, but how much does it cost?”  Well, the cost of the insurance depends on a number of factors, which would include, vehicle make and model(some areb stolen more than others), The year and value, your past claims record and where it stands at night or during  the day. No excess car insurance in no different to any other insurance in the long run, the insurer just needs to evaluate your chances of claiming.

Is Car insurance with no excess a wise choice?

Opting to get quotes on cart insurance with no excess would depend on your p[ropensity for risk. If for example, you have a fixed income and do not want any surprises, this is a good oiption to consider. if you have some savings and are a very cautious driver, perhaps it would not be the best option for you. Consider what value you would pout on never having any surprises when it came to a car insurance claim.

As you can appreciate, every insurance calculation is different and depends on a few variable like the age of the driver, the number of years driving, the value of the car and of course your past claims history. To find out other criteria that South Africa’s Insurance companies consider when calculating your car Insurance with no excess premium, or any premium for that matter, read the information on getting the cheapest car insurance online.

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