under 25 car insuranceIf you are under 25 and need to find the cheapest car insurance there is quite frankly only one way to make sure that the car insurance quotes you get are in fact the cheapest, and the way to achieve this is by getting under 25 car insurance quotes from all of South Africa’s Car Insurance companies.

Give us the opportunity of getting comparative under 25 car insurance quotes for you by completing the form and setting us to work. We do not charge you for the service and only in the event that you decide to accept one of the under 25 car insurance quotes that we offer, will we earn anything. We are so confident that we will be able to get you insurance for your car that is the cheapest, that we are able to offer you the service without any obligation or charge.

Under 25’s are considered high risk customers purely because statistics show that the combination of inexperience as a driver and the types of cars that under 25’s drive being stolen more often. The type of car that you drive is very important and if any parents are reading this, consider the type of car carefully.

Under 25 car insurance can be as much as 30% or 40% more expensive than anyone over 25 years old but depending on the following factors, can be significantly reduced.

1. The place where the car is parked at night (in a locked garage behind a locked gate will reduce the risk)
2. The mileage that is driven (the less you drive the less chance of you being in an accident)
3. Past claims history
4. Security features in the car (it is often cheaper to install additional security, ask our consultants for advice on which security features will reduce the cost of your insurance)
5. Place where car is parked during the day (in a secure underground parking will reduce the premium)

These are some of the major factors that will determine your under 25 car insurance premium and by requesting quotes from the different insurers, you will be sure you are getting the cheapest insurance for under 25 drivers.

Let us get to work finding you the cheapest under 25 car insurance by completing the for, we will call you back straight away to compare car insurance quotes.