best student car insuranceThe vast majority of students drive cars that are valued at under R100 000.00 and getting the best car insurance for student drivers or drivers under 25 years old can be quite an exercise if you are doing all the calling yourself. There are a number of loading parameters that student drivers are susceptible to that can see the car insurance rate go through the roof.

These are typically, 1. the length of time that they have been driving 2. the length of time they have had their drivers license, 3. the risk of the vehicle type being broken into or stolen and then 4. the place where the car is parked overnight.

I have personal experience with insuring student cars for children who do not live at home  and if you are still considering which car to buy, you may want to consider getting them one of the low risk cars. The rule of thumb would be not to buy a car over R80 000, not a VW Golf of any sort, not the Toyota Corolla or similar and certainly no car that has anything but a factory fitted sound system that can be removed. Any car that has a store bought sound system is at risk.

Make sure that the car has an alarm and if possible is parked in a lock up or secure area during the night. Now, once you have the car, have the answers to the questions of parking and alarm system, complete the form and we will get the best student car insurance for you with quotes from 9 different insurers in South Africa.

Get quotes is the last an most important part of the process when looking for the best student car insurance and we will do it all for you at no charge and you are under no obligation to accept any of the quotes we present to you. We are confident enough to do all of this work completely free as we are able to negotiate on your behalf with the information you provide us with to get the very best student car insurance for you.

Give us a whirl, you have absolutely nothing to lose and only money to save if we are successful at finding you the best student car Insurance.