commercial truck insuranceInsuring your fleet of trucks or a single truck in general attracts a significantly higher premium than other vehicle insurance due to the risk profile of commercial vehicles.

Commercial trucks are at much higher risk of hijacking and when involved in accidents the cost of the repairs is in general significantly higher but this is not to say that truck insurance needs to eat into your bottom line.

Insuring your trucks with properly structured insurance premiums designed specifically for commercial vehicles offers deductible options.

What you really need in commercial vehicle insurance is an insurance company that turns the claims around as quickly as possible to ensure that your truck is back on the road earning it’s keep as soon as possible.

The structure of a commercial truck insurance policy has many optional aspects to it that have a significant impact on the final premium. For Example, opting for a higher voluntary excess makes a big difference. Excluding towing costs from the insurance will make a further difference. Excluding roadside assistance again makes a difference and when you consider the other optional benefits to the policy like, driver cover, hijacking cover, weather damage and a few other items, the structure and premium of the policy can be manipulated to suit your business as well as your pocket.

Let us use the crane hire business as an example. The trucks may need to have the driver/operator insured but may not require roadside assistance or towing service cover due to the nature of the business. A moving company may need to cover the goods in transit up to a certain level that would be totally different from a crane hire business.

The bottom line is that every business requiring insurance for commercial vehicles or trucks has different needs and the Insurance policies can be crafted in such a way that your business is well properly covered without having to pay for the services that you are able to provide in-house or through a partner.

To get Commercial vehicle Insurance quotes select “Business Insurance” when submitting the Insurance quote request form and our exoerinced agents will hunt down and craft the best possible cover for your commercial vehicles at the lowest price from one of the top South african Commercial vehicle insurers.