under 25 car insuranceCar Insurance for drivers who are under 25 years old and that have a limited number of years driving experience is generally expected to be more expensive that Insurance for those that have more driving experience and on the surface this is true.

The basic premise is that drivers who are under 25 are more likely to be involved in an accident due to their inexperience but of course this does not apply to theft of a vehicle or loss caused by break ins. The costly or loaded part of the car insurance premium for people under 25 years old is the accident insurance with the theft and break in portion being minimally loaded so we can manipulate the Insurance premium for under 25 drivers by adjusting the excess in the event of an accident.

Most under 25 drivers need the cheapest Car Insurance possible due to their financial positions which in most cases are under pressure at the best of times. By getting competitive Car Insurance quotes for under 25’s you have the ability to compare the offerings of all of South Africa’s leading car insurance companies and selecting the premium that best suits you.

Each Car Insurance company have different loading algorithms dependent on the profile of the drivers they insure which is why it is so important to compare Insurance quotes from the different companies before you commit to a premium.

If you are a student or on your way up the corporate ladder, make sure that you are not over paying for your car insurance, there are car insurers that will offer you a better rate than what you are currently paying.

It is also important to know that you are not contractually obligated for any period when you take up Car Insurance and can easily move from one Insurance company to another.

You are required to give a months notice to your existing car insurer which is very important when moving so that there is no period for which you are not covered.

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