Cheap Car Insurance no longer means that you will have to sacrifice on cover!

cheap car insurance south africaEach Of the Car Insurance Companies in South Africa are competing furiously for market share and with a large percentage of cars on the road be uninsured as well as a growing number of people being licensed to drive, the ability to grow market share has never been better in the South African Car Insurance market.

The basics of car insurance is that the premiums of the many cover the losses of the few and it would make a lot of sense that the bigger your market share the more the risk is spread. With this in mind, we now understand why car Insurance companies in South Africa are offering cheap car insurance. They are trying to compete for your business and the best way for them to get it is to offer you a cheap car insurance product than their competitors.

The problem that most consumers are faced with when seeking cheap car Insurance is that in order to get all of the quotes from the Car Insurance companies you will need to spend so much time on the phone that the mere idea of it leads them to accept car insurance rates without pitting the companies up against one another.

Enter, we collect your information only once and then our experienced (and sometimes hard core negotiators) negotiate a cheap car insurance rate from all of The Car Insurance Companies in South Africa to get them to offer their best rate based on your risk profile.

This, purely and simply is the best way to go about getting cheap car insurance without the hassle of spending hours and hours on the phone calling the Insurance companies and requesting quotes, then comparing their offerings and calling them back to negotiate. Honestly, this can take many hours or even days.

Our Insurance agents are able to get you cheap car insurance quotes in a ,matter of minutes through our relationships with the car insurance companies which give us immediate access to the companies concerned.

We offer this service completely free of charge because we are so confident that our ability to find you the cheapest car Insurance. Put us to work and let us earn our commission by finding you cheap car insurance