quotes for car insuranceWe all have the ability to save on our monthly insurance and one of the easiest ways to save is to get quotes for car insurance online. This effectively allows you to compare offers from South Africa’s top short term insurance companies, all of whom will be trying their very best to provide a quote for your car insurance that will be lower than the rest.

The advent of online quote comparison in the insurance industry has shaken it to it’s core and the ultimate winner is the consumer, who now does not need to make 10 or 20 phone calls to the different car insurance companies, but can reach all of South Africa’s Top Car Insurers and get Quotes for car insurance instantly by completing a single car insurance request form.

The moment you submit the form and request us to get quotes for car insurance for you to compare, we get to work pitting the different insurance companies up against one another in what one could call a car insurance auction. Each of the car insurers are given an opportunity to provide a quote for your car insurance which we will then present to you. If you are happy with the quotes for car insurance you receive from us, you can elect to take up the offer and we could have you covered before you put the telephone down. You may also request the agent to negotiate further on your behalf with the insurance companies that you feel are offering a better deal in an attempt to get them to reduce their offer further.

One of the principles of good negotiation is to use the time already spent by the company you are negotiating with as leverage to reduce further. They have already spent time and money providing you with quotes for car insurance and if they walk away from the deal, they lose out, so the trick is to ask them to reduce the premium by an amount that would not be significant enough for them to walk away from.

Put us to the test by completing the form and we will call you straight back to get a little more information needed get Quotes for car insurance. You are not obligated in any way to accept our quotes and we do not charge for our service. We are confident that we will save you money so putr us to the test.