car insurance quote online south africaThe Insurance Companies in South Africa have embraced the use of the Internet with such force in order to compete for market share and the winners in the equation are consumers who can easily get a car insurance quote online from not one but many car Insurance companies at the same time.

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So many South African’s that go out and buy a new car simply accept the Insurance premium that the dealer offers them because they know that they cannot drive off the showroom floor without the car being insured. Well with Online Car Insurance Quotes you can get your car insured by the end of the phone call, have the confirmation sent directly to the dealer and drive off having saved yourself a whole lot of money.

When buying a new car a few hundred Rand may not seem like much, but when you consider that you could be saving as much as R400 or more per month and we calculate the number over 3 years it would be in excess of R14 400 or over 5 years that would be R24 000. Now That is a lot of money in anyones book and lets assume you put the amount you save straight into your car payment as an additonal payment, this is where you really score. 

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