We all love the Virgin Brand and Richard Branson in particular for his innovative approach to business and his very aggressive marketing when entering a market. Virgin Insurance is no different to any of the Virgin brands approach to increasing market share by offering discounted rates to new customers.

The same way we advise you to get competitive quotes from Budget Insurance, Woolworths Insurance or any of the other Insurance companies, Virgin Insurance advisors need to know that you are shopping around for the best deal on your insurance so that they cut the premium to the bone before making you an offer.

Virgin Insurance offer not only car Insurance but are an Insurer that cover, cars, motor cycles, Caravans, trailers and a host of other movable items. Virgin Insurance also offer Life and disability cover.

There are few that are as competitive as Virgin but we need to be sure that they are aware of your intentions to put their cheap insurance to the test remembering that they are a very profitable business that should not be taken for granted when requesting online Insurance quotes.

What it effectively means when you submit a request for Insurance quotes is that all of the Insurance companies know what your intentions are right upfront. They know that they cannot quote you anything but their very best rate because if they don’t the chances are that you will go with a cheaper Insurance quote from a competitor and they have paid to receive the quote request.

Think about it, what would you do if you knew that you were competing against nine other companies for the same customer. You cut your price and you offer better service, that is all that they really can do when they have no idea which brands you may know or feel a sense of loyalty towards. They want your business, let them compete for it. Get your competive insurance quote from Virgin Insurance and others now.