There are so many car insurance companies offering the cheapest car insurance and all have a similar offering, so where exactly and who exactly knows just where to get the cheapest car insurance?

Each company offering the cheapest car insurance has a similar method of getting online car insurance quotes and with the number of car insurers out there this can be a very time consuming exercise. These days most banks, like ABSA, Standard Bank and Nedbanl offer car and household Insurance products as well as the other Insurers like Mutual and Federal, Dial Direct, Outsurance and First For Women, but who really has the has the cheapest car insurance without sacrificing cover.

Car insurance quotes can vary quite significantly from Insurer to Insurer as well as within the same company. The reason for this is that the variables which determine your car insurance can be manipulated depending on your circumstances, age, car type, length you have been driving as well as many other factors which effect the risk profile of your particular policy. Each insurer has very similar risk calculators and it is the experience of the consultant asking the right questions that will help you to get the cheapest car insurance.

The question is not so much, Where to get the cheapest car insurance, but, How to get the cheapest car insurance.

The How is in the manipulation of these factors which determine your risk profile, bearing in mind that you need to let the insurance consultant know right up front that you are getting numerous quotes in order to get the cheapest car insurance. This immediately tell him to work the figures in an attempt to be the cheapest quote.

Age and driving experience are pretty much set in stone and each insurer will have a similar portion of the premium for this.

Value of the car and age of the car will also not make a big difference in the premium from Insurer to insurer.

Excesses make a big difference to your premium. The bigger the excess you are prepared to accept the lower your premium will become. This coupled with your past claims history can make a very significant difference.

Hire car in the event of an accident is optional and should be considered carefully. If you are in a job which relies on you having transport and you don’t have a car at your disposal if yours is in for repairs, add this to your policy. The rates for this alone vary significantly from insurer to insurer.

The mileage you drive makes a difference, the less you drive the less risk there is of you being in an accident. This point should be vigorously negotiated when getting the cheapest car insurance.

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