By electing to get a quote on car and home insurance together you are very likely to save a significant amount on both you car and your home insurance. The reason for this is quite simple, the insurance company is able to spread it’s risk on you as a client when looked at as a whole.

In the case of car insurance, with as little as 30% of cars on the road being insured, the insurance companies are at high risk of not being able to recover costs from the person who was the cause of the accident. If the person who caused the accident is insured, your insurance company will claim the costs of repairs from his/her insurance company as well as claiming the excess. This is an important factor and you should read how to protect your no claim insurance bonus.

Home insurance is relatively inexpensive insurance which covers you against serious damage to your home caused by flooding, electrical storms and other acts of God.

If you also elect to get a quote for household items, this will have the effect of spreading their risk even further and puts you in a position to further negotiate your insurance premiums.

Getting car and home insurance quotes is as easy as completing a single form and having the insurance companies call you.

Consider all of your options to reduce your current car insurance, home insurance and even life insurance, the more insurance you have with a single company, the more you have to negotiate with.

Having said this, it is important to protect your no claim bonus and to compare car insurance at least once a year. The reason for this is that insurance companies hike their premiums every year and these may not be in line with what other insurers are offering. It takes just a few minutes to make sure you are getting the cheapest car insurance and good value for money by comparing insurance quotes.