All comprehensive car insurance policies are not equal and in order to get cheap comprehensive car insurance you will need to play one insurance company up against the other. Comprehensive car insurance by it’s very nature is not a cheap product but if you scrutinize the offering you may be able to do without some of the add on cover that ostensibly makes it a comprehensive car insurance policy like roadside assistance or even a level of life cover.

It is very important to know exactly what comprehensive means and what it covers as in many cases like the roadside assistance cover may very well be covered by your manufacturer and you will end up paying for part of the policy that you are never going to use.

The other way to ensure that you get cheap comprehensive car insurance is to increase your excess that you pay in the event of a claim. This option is often taken up by older drivers or drivers who do not travel as much as they used to. The chances of you being involved in an accident when you are not on the road very often will automatically count in your favour when seeking competitive comprehensive insurance quotes and by electing to increase the excess payable, will further reduce the cost of the insurance cover you are seeking.

To get comprehensive car insurance quotes please complete the form and one of our experienced consultants will call you right back. Be sure to inform the agent of any circumstances which could effect the cost of your cover and these would include the type of security at the places your car is parked during the day and at night, the amount of travelling you do and whether it is business or personal travel.

Other very important factors which have a cost effect on your comprehensive car insurance premium are the number of years you have not had a claim from your current insurers, the number of years you have had your drivers license and any endorsement that you may have.

Comprehensive car insurance is a premium car insurance product with many facets that enable you to negotiate the premium on.

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