car theft insuranceWe recently had three very good questions from readers that relate to getting car insurance for theft only.

I am a good driver and have never had an accident, is it possible to get car insurance that covers me for theft only?

I don’t drive much and my car is always in a secure covered parking while at work, can I get car insurance that only cover me in the event of theft?

I need to save money on my insurance and my car is seldom used, is it possible to insure my car against theft and not for accidents?

It is possible to get car insurance for theft but is usually combined with various other aspects of insurance which would also include third party cover, accidents, windscreens and even rental cars in the event of a loss. Each type of cover has an associated risk attached to it and just like you are able to get car insurance that covers you in the event of theft only, so you are able to get car insurance which includes or excludes any other form of cover.

The car insurance companies are very flexible when constructing a cheap car insurance plan for you and you should make the insurance companies that you get your car insurance quotes from, aware that you are looking for the cheapest car insurance available that is particular to your personal circumstances.

We all live and work in different circumstances and each of those places or circumstances has a risk associated with it. For example, in Cape Town you are less likely to have your car stolen than if you live in Johannesburg and so the premium associated with the risk of owning a car in Cape Town is less.

If you live in a secure gated complex and work from home, do only a little driving and your car is parked in a secure locked garage at night your risk profile is far less than someone who travels 40km to work every day, visits clients and parks in open parking areas. It stands to reason that your car insurance should be a lot more cheaper.

When you request competitive insurance quotes from the various car insurance companies it is very important to detail your driving habits and the purpose for which you want the insurance. You may just find that you will pay a whole lot less for your car insurance and decide to keep the accident portion once they have reassessed your risk profile and calculated a cheaper car insurance premium based on that new risk profile.