time to get car insurance quotesEvery month that I see my car Insurance go through my bank account I really struggled to justify the cost which is what lead me to build this website. I just could not understand why the cost of car Insurance was so high, in my case it was close to 30% of the car payment amount, just on car Insurance!

The reality of my situation was that I had been using the same company for many years to get short term Insurance and had no reason to believe that I was not getting the best rates. What I did not realise was firstly the number of car insurance companies out there and that Insurance is a negotiable.

After some research and many many phone calls, I discovered two things:

1. The Insurance companies really wanted my premium and that there were a number of factors, which if I asked for them to be decreased or increased or left out completely (like car hire as an example) this affected the premium.

2. When I told the rep that it was too expensive and that I had received a better car insurance quote from a different company, he was prepared to reduce the premium.

This exercise took me a long time and many phone calls but I am very pleased that I did it, it saved me R327.00 per month give or take a few cents.

Now you can get car Insurance quotes that will do exactly what took me days to achieve in just a few minutes, online and completely free. Let the car insurance companies know that you are looking around for the best car insurance rate by completing the form and letting us do the work.

You have only ten minutes of your time to lose and as much as 32% on your car Insurance premiums to save! If you consider that I was able to save more than R3600 every year it was even worth the time that it took to make all those call, and now you can get the same result by simply asking us to do all of the work for you, completely free.

What are you waiting for…. Put us to work and we can confidently say “We will save you money”