voluntary excess car insuranceEvery short term Insurance Policy includes an excess amount which is the amount the Insurance company does not cover and is the  portion of any claim that needs to be paid by you.

The reason that there is always an excess is to discourage you from making insignificant claims, to preserve no claim bonuses or to make you think twice before claiming. Voluntary Excesses are a major factor which determines your insurance premium and a very effective way of reducing the cost of insurance. By electing to take a voluntary excess, it effectively reduces the risk that the insurance company has and shows a willingness on your part to drive more carefully, secure your car while parked and indicates that you personally feel you are less likely to be involved in an accident or have your car stolen.

People who are in administrative working positions often feel that they are over paying for their insurance and where your occupation is also an important factor in determining your premium, it makes sense to opt for a higher voluntary excess as on a balance of probabilities, you are less likely to be involved in an accident and can safely opt for a higher voluntary excess in the knowledge that the chances are much lower that you will need to claim.

When you get your insurance quotes, ask for a quote with the standard excess and then ask for a quote that includes a higher voluntary excess and calculate the annual savings. Make sure that the insurance advisor is aware that you do not drive a lot for work purposes and any other information that would show the Insurance company that you are a lower risk customer than the average customer.

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