There are essentially three different types of car insurance available to you and not all are expensive forms of insurance. perhaps the reason that there are so many uninsured cars on the road is due to the availability of information relating to the less expensive methods of insuring your car.

It is extremely important to have your car insured and in the case of a vehicle financed by a bank or lender, it is a condition in the lending agreement. The reason for this is that your car, while still financed is owned by the bank or lender and insurance is the protection that they require as a condition of letting you drive the car while you are repaying the loan. Consider the case where a car that is financed is not covered by a comprehensive car insurance policy and is damaged in an accident. If it is not insuredche, then you are liable to pay for the repairs to your car as well as the other car out of your own pocket, while still making the loan repayments..(if it was your fault) Can you really afford not to be insured?

Third party insurance.

This is very cheap insurance and covers you against claims from the party involved in the accident if it was your fault. This does not cover you for any damages to your own vehicle but effectively provides cover and protects you against claims from a third party. Third party car insurance does not cover in the event of theft.

Third party fire and Theft Insurance.

Here you are covered as above as well as for the theft of the vehicle in the event it is not recovered. Fire is a real threat to a vehicle and the cost of adding theft and fire cover is not very expensive. This is the minimum cover that any car should have.

Comprehensive Car insurance.

Comprehensice car insurance is the ideal cover for any vehicle and protects you against thrid party claims, ensures that your car is repaired when involved in an accident, covers for theft and theft of items in the car like stereo systems etc. Comprehensice car insurance covers almost every eventuality including broken windscreens.

The thing to do when getting car insurance quotes is to adjust the various items that effect the cost of the insurance like the excess, security equipment etc.

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