Insurance companies are like Woolworths Insurance are getting really creative with their incentives to gain market share in car and home insurance market and Woolworths Insurance have come up with two fantastic offers that will help reduce the cost of your insurance and contribute to the development of the schools that your children attend.

If you are a MySchool card holder, Woolworths Insurance will not only give you a preferentail rate in your car and household Insurance but will also make a contribution to the schools that your children attend. These contributions are a percentage of each premium.

To make matters even better for their loyal customers, Woolworths will further sweeten the deal and offer you rewards in the form of vouchers if you pay for your Insurance with your Woolies credit card.

But there is still more from them, they have designed a very competitive policy that includes roadside assistance, legal and medical emergency cover. Now here is the real kicker, on top of all of this they will give you back 25% of your premiums if you don’t claim for 4 years. get a quote now.

So if you are a holder of a myschool card and a Woolies credit card, don’t waste another minute. Get your Insurance Quotes and start benefiting for your loyalty and save some cash. We all could do with a few Hundred Rand a month extra to spend and what better way to do it than by reducing your insurance premiums.

The Financial services arm of Woolworths is well known as a highly efficient Financial Services Provider and the creativity they have used makes it worth while to get a cheaper Insurance quote from them.

There are seldom times in the competitive Insurance market today that allows us all to pit the Insurance companies up against one another and save on our premiums. Woolworths is another very Good example at the lengths they are prepared to go to in order to get you as an Insurance customer and we should all take advantage of the competitive nature of the Insurance companies to reduce our home and car insurance.