motor insuranceOur motor Insurance cater for any type of motor vehicle be it a car, motor cycle, or truck or anything with a motor for that matter and although it is termed “car and home” Insurance, we will gladly perform the same motor insurance quote process for any motor vehicle. The simple reason is that the vast majority of requests we receive to beat insurance quotes is for car insurance.

Motor Insurance has many facets and policy types that can be from fully comprehensive cover which would include things like car hire during repairs and an amount for medical attention and towing to simple total loss cover which is ideal for older vehicles, or even extended warranty Insurance.

The type of motor insurance you require will determine the cost and our experienced agents will provide you with all of the options to create a policy that is ideal for your needs. Once we have determined the type of cover you need, we then set about using our sophisticated motor insurance calculators to determine which of the major South African Insurance companies is going to offer you the best rate.

These motor insurance quotes are presented to you for consideration and if you like what we have to offer you could be covered and switched before the phone call is over.

There is absolutely no cost involved in getting motor insurance quotes from us and only in the event of you deciding to accept any of our offers will we earn anything. This is motivation enough for our agents to really push the insurance companies for a great rate on your motor insurance and we will guarantee that if there is an insurance company out there that will beat what you are already paying, we will do our best to find it.

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