new carWhen you go out and buy a new car do you calculate the new car insurance premium into the affordability calculation.

Don’t fall into this common trap, know what your new cars insurance premium will be and factor it into your affordability calculation before you go out and buy the car.

Car Insurance can make up as much a large percentage of the repayment which often results in people needing to cut back on other spending to make the payments because they got so caught up in the excitement of getting a new car and failed to negotiate the car insurance premium before taking delivery of the car.

Thank goodness switching car insurers is a very simple exercise that usually requires a 30 day notice period. What this means is that you are not obliged to retain the car insurance that you currently have if you are able to find cheaper car insurance, all that you need to do is ask us to get competitive quote for your car from one of our participating insurers and you could be saving straight away.

There is no cost involved apart from a few minutes of your time on the phone when one of our experience car insurance negotiators calls you back to get s few details from you. What will happen after we have the information is that the negotiater will use a car insurance calculator to let all of the insurance companies know that there is a potentially new customer available to them should they be able to offer you cheaper and better insurance than the other insurance companies, simple as that!

You could be reducing the insurance cost of your new car in a few minutes by as much as 32%. 

Does this sound appealing to you?

If so, let us work for our commission by negotiating the best car insurance rate for your new car by sending us the form. We will call you right back and get to work negotiating your car insurance premium.