MiWay is a pioneering short term insurance company with Sanlam and Santam as shareholders which offer car insurance, home insurance and various other short term insurance products.

As a relatively new kid on the block, MiWay offers an extensive suite of online policy management tools that enable you to keep track of your policy and car insurance claims progress. MiWay’s goal is to make getting insurance quotes, be it car insurance, home insurance or household insurance as easy as possible through their online insurance portal or through their call center which is manned by well trained insurance consultants.

They offer a different spin on the conventional rewards program offered by other insurance companies which reward you for not claiming. The MiRewards program gives you rewards whether you claim or not and is designed to reward those whose risk profile falls below their expected risk. This type of insurance rewards program is a much fairer system which, unlike others does not necessarily discourage you from claiming.

All of the questions you answer and your past claims and car insurance history help them build a model of your risk profile and if their risk is less, you will be rewarded.

Car insurance cover offered:

Private or social purposes: this type of car insurance covers everyday use of your car insluding getting to and from work.

Professional use: is where the car forms an essential part of the performance of any work or function as a Lawyer, Doctor, Actuary, Accountant, Architect or an Engineer and it also includes private use.

Business use is where the car forms an essential part of the performance of any work or function and it also includes private use.