If you are considering keeping your car for a little longer than you normally would and it will go beyond the manufacturers warranty period and are considering the cost implications, you are well advised to read on.

Perhaps your car is almost paid off and the thought of getting into another finance agreement does not feel like a good idea, particularly in light of the fact that vehicles with 200 000 or even 300 000 km on the clock are still in fantastic condition and are more than likely good for another 200 000km. What we don’t want is to be lumbered with an expensive repair that could cost as much as 6 months of car payments or more if your warranty has expired.

By getting an extended warranty policy for your car you are extending the manufacturers warranty providing you have your car serviced at correct intervals. This will protect you against expensive repairs covered under the extended warranty should they need to be done.  This is not to say that something will go wrong, but merely as an inexpensive insurance policy giving you the peace of mind and financial saving of not buying another car.

If we think about it, insurance companies would not offer extended warranty insurance if there was a high probability of you having a claim and considering the very low cost of extended warranty insurance, the chances are that you will not claim.

Keep you car for another year or two and put the saving into your bond, pay off your credit cards or any other short term debt you may have, this will make a massive difference to your life style and allow you to buy a new car without all of the other debt that weighed you down.

Let us get you an extended warranty Quote so that you can make an informed decision, it takes just a few moments of your time and costs nothing!