Every time you see the debit order for your car insurance going through it hurts, doesn’t it?

We know how this feels and you ask yourself if you really need it, or if there is a cheaper option that offers comprehensive cover or you ask your friends what they are paying and who their car insurer is. You have seen the advertisements from Car insurance companies offering to save you as much as 35% of your premium, but have you actually sent in a request for a quote?

Do it! Just fill in this car insurance request form and the insurance companies will contact you.

If you don’t request free insurance quotes you will never know how much less you will be paying and if you do, you really could be saving between 15% and 35% of your premiums. There is absolutely nothing to lose but a few minutes on the phone at the different insurance companies expense.

Make a quick calculation, lets say you are paying R650/month and could be saving 35%, thats R227/month or R2724/year. That is worth a few minutes on the phone isn’t it?

However you choose to look at it, the fact of the matter is that the car insurers are trying their best to get you as a customer and at the same time getting as much of the 65% of vehicles not on the road insured. The end result of all of the efforts by the insurance companies is a climate that you are sure to score in.

Insurance companies are cutting premiums to increase their market share and they want you as a customer and without sending someone who is a salesman to see you, the best way to get you as a customer is to offer you an insurance premium that is better than the rest. It is simple economics, they need to lower their premiums in order to get you as a car insurance customer.

If you are shopping for both car and household insurance, even better, that is a bigger incentive for them to bring doen their premiums.

Get car insurance quotes, you will not regret it!