car insurance quoteWhen getting a competitive car insurance quote you will be asked a few questions by the consultant that calls you back and you should be prepared to be able to give the following information on order for us to best calculate the possible insurance rates from the insurance companies that want to negotiate a great rate and insure you.

You will need the following Information to get a car Insurance quote: 

Your ID number

Number of years you have had your drivers license

Make and model of your car

Your past accident history or insurance claims history

The address your car is parked at night

The security at the place your car parks, ie: behind a locked gate, in a locked garage, garage is alarmed (anything else that would indicate the safety of the vehicle overnight)

Whether there are any other people who will be driving the car on a regular basis

Your car insurance quote is calculated with your risk profile in mind so you should mention any other security features about the place you live (boomed suburb, security guard etc). Do the same for the place your car parks during the day and if you have any other security devices in you car this will make a difference to you car insurance quote.

Take a moment to think about every possible security aspect involving your car that makes you a lower risk than the next person and then complete the form. We will call you straight back and gather the information required to get you a cheap car insurance quote.

You will be amazed at the prices we are able to achieve when we start punching in the different aspects relating to your car and the environment you live and work in. We do not simply take the value of the car, your age (insurance for people under 25 years old is normally more expensive) and address to calculate your car insurance quote, our agents are totally committed to getting you the best car insurance quote available.

Put to the test and let us earn our commission by finding you the best car insurance quote.