Most South Africa car insurance companies have embraced the online car insurance quotes system wholeheartedly and accepted the fact that competition between the car insurance companies is at an all time high.

The upshot of the competitive environment that the insurance companies have embraced is that we as the consumer are benefiting by being able to compare car insurance quotes online, are being offered a much faster turn around time for quotes and are in a very strong negotiating position when applying to the various car insurance companies.

The most effective way to get the car insurance companies to be as competitive as possible with the quotes is by submitting your car insurance requirement to all of the top car insurance companies at the same time through an online insurance quote portal.

How can using an online portal to submit my request for an insurance quote to the car insurance companies help?

  • By making the car insurance aware that they are competing against the eight other top car insurance companies.
  • You save time and money by only having to submit the car insurance quote request once.
  • You can compare the car insurance quotes in your own time.
  • You are not obligated to accept any of the car insurance companies quotes.
  • You are not pestered by call center agents.
  • Claim submissions can be done online.
  • Claims tracking can be done online.

The internet has changed the face of car insurance and brought the car insurance companies up to speed with technology in order to reduce costs so that they can be more competitive, offer faster more efficient service and generally treat as their most important customer.

The fact that consumers are able to switch insurance companies at the drop of a hat for a new insurance company makes the insurance market even more competitive. Get your insurance quote from the top insurance companies online and compare the offerings. The is seldom a saving of less than 30% on your insurance.