best car insurance ratesWe often get asked “what are the best car Insurance rates?” and the answer is not quite as simple as R295 for a Chevy Spark or R455 for a BMW. There are many factors that the Car Insurer will use to compute the best car insurance rates for you and your car but here is a guideline to getting the best rates.

The best rates for you may not necessarily be the cheapest car Insurance but the Insurance that offers you the lowest excess or has a free car in the event of you being without a car should it be in the panelbeater. It may be the Insurance company that offers a good rate for additional drivers on the policy that are under 25 years old or offers the best rate for additional service like adding your home insurance to your Insurance profile at the same company.

In essence there are many factors that effect your Insurance premium and getting the Best Car Insurance Rates is a process of elimination which starts by getting car Insurance quotes, knowing what you expect from an Insurer and comparing the options from the different car insurers to get the best car insurance rates for your car.

There are a few things you will need to tell the consultant who is compiling your quote which they will request from you and can be given over the phone:

ID Number, Age, Date of birth

Car details: Make, year, model, mileage

Current Insurer(You will not need your policy number but it will indicate to them that you are shopping for a better rate than you are currently getting)

Where you car is parked over night and during the day

Whether or not you live in a boomed and secure area.

If the consultant does not ask you for all of these things while compiling your quote, make sure that you tell him if you car is parked in an underground parking most of the day, this makes the chance of it being stolen far less than other cars and should sfford you a discount.

Getting the best car insurance rate is in your hands, whether you are looking for the cheapest car insurancehome or the most feature rich car insurance.