Car insurance estimates

Getting Estimates on your car insurance is dependent on many factors of which the type of car you drive and the value of the car is are just two of the variables. We often get requests to give an estimate on car insurance for a vehicle type which is not possible to do...

Best Car Insurance Rates

We often get asked "what are the best car Insurance rates?" and the answer is not quite as simple as R295 for a Chevy Spark or R455 for a BMW. There are many factors that the Car Insurer will use to compute the best car insurance rates for you and your car but here is...

Budget Car Insurance Quotes

Budget Insurance has been a leading short term Insurer in South Africa for many years and offers some of the most competitive insurance quotes in the market today. That is not to say that you should only get Quotes from one Insurer, the car insurers and short term...


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