Quotes for Car Insurance Online

We all have the ability to save on our monthly insurance and one of the easiest ways to save is to get quotes for car insurance online. This effectively allows you to compare offers from South Africa's top short term insurance companies, all of whom will be trying...

Motor Insurance

Our motor Insurance cater for any type of motor vehicle be it a car, motor cycle, or truck or anything with a motor for that matter and although it is termed "car and home" Insurance, we will gladly perform the same motor insurance quote process for any motor vehicle....

Car Insurance Quote

When getting a competitive car insurance quote you will be asked a few questions by the consultant that calls you back and you should be prepared to be able to give the following information on order for us to best calculate the possible insurance rates from the...

Cheap Car Insurance

There is a common misconception in the market these days that cheap car insurance offers less cover. This stems from the numerous different car insurance available but does not mean that you will be sacrificing cover by opting to get cheap car insurance quotes. The...

Car Insurance Calculator

Calculating a car Insurance premium is a fairly complex calculation that takes a whole number of variables into consideration, each of which has a different weighting attached to it and the right combination of variables entered into the car insurance calculator has a...

Online Car Insurance Quote

The Insurance Companies in South Africa have embraced the use of the Internet with such force in order to compete for market share and the winners in the equation are consumers who can easily get a car insurance quote online from not one but many car Insurance...


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