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Archive for July 2012

Online Car Insurance Quote

The Insurance Companies in South Africa have embraced the use of the Internet with such force in order to compete for market share¬†and the winners in the equation are consumers who can easily get a car insurance quote online from not one but many car Insurance companies […]

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Cheap Car Insurance in South Africa

Cheap Car Insurance no longer means that you will have to sacrifice on cover! Each Of the Car Insurance Companies in South Africa are competing furiously for market share and with a large percentage of cars on the road be uninsured as well as a growing number […]

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Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers under 25

Young drivers under 25 are for the most part considered to be a far high risk to car insurance companies than any others due to their lack of experience as a driver and their premiums are loaded accordingly if the Car is registered in their name or […]

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Best Total Loss Car Insurance Cover

The cost of comprehensive car insurance is sometimes hard to justify, particularly for cars that are over 5 years old. The number of serious accidents and car thefts in South Africa that are deemed a total loss is extremely high and the last thing you need is […]

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