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Youinsure Cheapest Insurance Quotes

Youinsure is a first class Insurance outfit that is focussed on getting you the cheapest short term insurance quotes whether it be for you car, home or business. By using carinsurers.co.za quote request form, you are immediately connected with Youinsure who will spring into action in seconds. […]

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Virgin Insurance Quotes for incredible savings

We all love the Virgin Brand and Richard Branson in particular for his innovative approach to business and his very aggressive marketing when entering a market. Virgin Insurance is no different to any of the Virgin brands approach to increasing market share by offering discounted rates to new customers. […]

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Budget Car Insurance Quotes

Budget Insurance has been a leading short term Insurer in South Africa for many years and offers some of the most competitive insurance quotes in the market today. That is not to say that you should only get Quotes from one Insurer, the car insurers and short […]

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My School card holders qualify for discounted Car Insurance

Insurance companies are like Woolworths Insurance are getting really creative with their incentives to gain market share in car and home insurance market and Woolworths Insurance have come up with two fantastic offers that will help reduce the cost of your insurance and contribute to the development […]

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Voluntary Excess on your car insurance quote, what is it?

Every short term Insurance Policy includes an excess amount which is the amount the Insurance company does not cover and is the first portion of any claim that needs to be paid. The reason that there is always an excess is to discourage you from making insignificant […]

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Searching for the cheapest car or home Insurance Quotes?

If you have been searching competitive car insurance quotes you will have been bombarded by Insurance advertising all claiming to be offering the cheapest insurance and the task of calling them all or filling in the individual forms on each of the websites is time consuming and […]

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Car Insurance for Women that is the cheapest

Car insurance for women has been a market dominated by one or two major players offering the cheapest car insurance for women which the rest of the short term insurance industry is now aggressively fighting for. It has become very clear through reliable research that women drivers […]

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Cheapest Vehicle Insurance Quotes

We all want to know how to get the cheapest vehicle insurance and at car insurers we are here to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your insurance. We send out your vehicle insurance quote request to South Africa’s short term insurance companies and […]

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Feel like your car insurance is costing you too much?

Every time you see the debit order for your car insurance going through it hurts, doesn’t it? We know how this feels and you ask yourself if you really need it, or if there is a cheaper option that offers comprehensive cover or you ask your friends […]

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The different types of car insurance available

There are essentially three different types of car insurance available to you and not all are expensive forms of insurance. perhaps the reason that there are so many uninsured cars on the road is due to the availability of information relating to the less expensive methods of […]

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Do I have to get Car Insurance?

Car insurance is sometimes an expense which we believe we could do without and we recently had a question regarding mandatory car insurance. The reader asked if she was required to have car insurance. The answer is not straight forward and it is important to take note […]

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Can I get car insurance that covers Theft Only?

We recently had three very good questions from readers that relate to getting car insurance for theft only. I am a good driver and have never had an accident, is it possible to get car insurance that covers me for theft only? I don’t drive much and […]

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